Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bulk Cooking With the Boys

Here's what we made on Sunday. Remember the list is based on my sons' requests with a little guidance from mom.

A large pot of split pea soup
A large pot of chickpeas that became Cheezy Chickpeas and Hummus using recipes from the Vegan Lunchbox
A double batch of a Cinnamon Raisin Bread recipe that I adapted from Feed Your Family For $12 per Day which was made into 96 bagels
Vegan Cheez Crackers, there's no time in my world to shape them into goldfish! I used whole wheat pastry flour in mine.
a large pot of white beans that will become a sandwich spread
5 loaves of banana bread
a double batch of oatmeal crispy cookies (which were not at all crispy)

Yesterday, for lunch and snack they took cheez crackers and hummus (the goal was to dip the cheeze cracker into the hummus. It seemed to work because there was none of either left). The cheezy chickpeas were eaten at snack time along with and carrot coins. Two oatmeal crispy cookies finished out lunch. They both demolished the lunches.

The hummus recipe that Jennifer has in The Vegan Lunchbox is delightfully generic in that no taste is too strong. Personally, I love the slightly overpowering garlicky taste of more traditional hummus but, alas, I am alone in this. However, even I really enjoyed this hummus recipe.

Naturally, the crackers are long gone but there is still some hummus left. I attempted to make a zweiback toast to go along with the remaining hummus. We'll see how that is recieved today. Split pea soup was also requested to go along with lunch. So far my sons are thrilled with the input they've had into their lunches even though it meant they had to help in the cooking process.

Bagel making was actually a lot of fun, I'll detail the process tomorrow.


AnnMarie said...

Katie, I'm so glad you mentioned split pea soup. Can you share your recipe? I've not found a vegetarian version, so gave in and made it with ham last weekend. (The ham bone had been in the freezer for ages, and we are trying to reduce the food budget, so I'm eating things this year that I wouldn't normally eat. Otherwise, it's just wasted, and I hate that worse.) I'm also interested in how the beans are turning into a sandwhich spread. Thanks!!!!

Ruthie said...

Katie --

Awesome!! We're having Split Pea Sweet Potato Soup tonight. It has become our standards as you just throw everything into the pressure cooker and then ignore it for 20 minutes!

I absolutely love the foods your kids chose. I recently checked out a book from the library called Simple Foods for the Pack which is a non-vegan but very vegan friendly book for backpackers. I loved it so much I bought it off Amazon.com for $0.10! (plus 3.49 shipping) It's got several cracker recipes in it. If I try any I really like, I'll share. :)

How long did your bulk cooking take?

Katie said...

Sure, I'll post the split pea soup recipe in the nest day or two. Im curious to see how the beans turn into a sandwich spread as well.

That sounds like an interesting book. Let me know if any of the cracker recipes are worth trying. We spent about 5 hours in the kitchen. It could have gone faster but I wanted it to be a hands on experience for the boys and that slowed things down.

Jacq said...

AnnMarie - When I make pea soup I add in a couple chopped up slices of Yves Veggie Ham. That gives it a smokey flavor. We love it. :)

Katie - it's funny but my kids all love garlic. The more the better. Good thing because I love it too. :)

Katie said...

Hey Jacq,
They don't mind a bit of garlic in dishes but its raw garlic they can't stand. Personally, I love it!