Monday, January 29, 2007

Sprouts and Bulk Cooking a Lunch Menu

My sprouting attempt went very well. As planned we added the sprouts to the Cold Thai Sesame Noodles and the results were delicious. The sprouter lids really did make the whole process incredibly easy. I'll be starting up a new batch this afternoon. I'd like to get in the habit of starting sprouts a day or two apart to give us a constant supply.

Its kind of addictive watching the sprouts grow. For gardeners, its got to be the closest thing to instant gratification that there is. The boys really got a kick out of watching them as well.

Speaking of my sons, bulk cooking on Sunday revolved largley around their lunches this time around. They were developing "look at all the crap in my friends lunch box" envy and had begun to beg for a taste here and there. It seemed like the right time to give them a greater say in their noontime meal.

I started by having Rob list his favorite lunches. Then, to get ready for our own version of the vegan lunch box, we went right to the source. I had Rob peruse my copy of The Vegan Lunch Box as well as several other cookbooks.

I'll be reviewing the total cooking experience as well as his reactions to our creations tomorrow. This much I already know, the cinnamon raisin bagels we made are a HUGE hit with everyone in the house

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