Monday, January 22, 2007

Sunday in the Kitchen

We had a more organized and formal attempt at bulk cooking yesterday. Everyone in the family was involved and as a result we made:

2 batches of minestrone soup
2 batches of pasta e fagioli soup
2 batched of chili
6 loaves of bread
dough for 16 pizza crusts
4 dozen pumpkin muffins with currants and walnuts

Having a game plan certainly saved a lot of time and effort. It allowed us to concentrate our efforts by chopping all the onions, garlic, etc at one time. We also made a deal to stop by 3pm to allow everyone to take a break and reflect on the whole process.

In order to involve my 6 & 7 yr old, we found jobs that could be done without much help or supervision from us. Kyle spent a good deal of time tearing the collards off their stems while Rob peeled garlic. Leen spent a good deal of time on clean up while Tasha did a lot of cutting and gathering of ingredients. Jim & I filled in the gaps.

There were a few gaffs along the way. I forgot to let the baked squash drain before pureeing it for the pumpkin muffins. To save the muffins from becoming a crumbly mess, I added a cup of flaxseed meal to the batter (this works out to 1/4 cup per 12 muffins). Thankfully, this did the trick. The muffins were delicious.

I know I've said this before but I'd like to build on this. By combining my last bulk cooking effort with this one, we could really cover a lot of ground. Now I just have to present my findings to the committee!


Ruthie said...

Wowie, I'm really impressed! Do you find that when you're done cooking all that you absolutely don't feel like eating anymore? :)

Katie said...

I wish I didn't feel like eating anymore afterwards! I wanted to taste a bit of everything.

Linda said...

damn that's a LOT of cooking. i love those days! sometimes i wish i had more people to cook for!

Katie said...

I love big cooking days as well. I feel so productive afterwards.