Thursday, January 18, 2007

Links To The Newly Added Pictures

I added some pictures to older posts but I'm going to group them all together under the topic "photos" to make them easier to find. Thanks to Crystal for pointing out the need for this.

One of my earliest quilting projects was refurbishing my sons quilts. These had been bought at the end of the back to school season, ridiculously marked down but the fabric shell didn't wash well. You may be thinking who needs to wash quilts frequently? Any mother with small sons will tell you, you'd be amazed at how often their bedding becomes fouled beyond belief.

Using two of the extra heavy cotton bedsheets I inherited from my grandmother, I let each of the boys decorate what would become their new top of the quilt. Since these quilts were the ones used in the Adirondacks, I used fleece blankets for the back cover. The fleece blankets had been used on their toddler beds. The shorter and wider dimensions of the fleece blankets required that I cut one side and piece together the bottom but honestly this sounds much harder than it was. Fleece is extremely forgiving fabric to work with as the pile hides most of your stitches.

I used embroidery thread to knot the quilt to keep the original quilt from shifting around in its new cover. Here's what the final products look like.

BTW if you're looking for pictures of the denim quilt they haven't been posted yet. I still have to pull the quilts out of the closet to take the picture of them.

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