Monday, February 19, 2007

The Best Things in Life are Free

We've spent this past weekend in the very snowy Adirondacks. There's at least 3 feet of snow on the ground! I know that's nothing compared to other places but it sure seems like a lot to me.

Last year we found ourselves snow tubing for free at the local recreation center. This year we snow tubed in an unlikely place that was a 2 minute walk from our house, the local beach. Someone mentioned doing this over the summer and we were all intrigued. There's a sloped, curving path down to the beach that made a great snow tubing run. The kids had a blast. We were even able to bring our lab mix, Biscuit, who very much enjoyed tunneling around in the deep snow and chasing the kids on snow tubes.

Since we were tubing so close to the house, we were able to do it several times over the weekend. We were even able to include people who weren't able to make it up in time for our original planned day of tubing. Perhaps the best part was the kids were just as happy, possibly more so, as if we had gone someplace more extravagant.

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