Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Feeding the Family Frugally on the Road

We took the long way home from the Adirondacks yesterday. We detoured through Lake George to see the ice sculptures, one of which was a slide for the kids. They sat on little pads while sliding but they all had cold tushies afterwards!

We then meandered down to our favorite thrift store in Glens Falls. We had a nice visit with the staff there, who all know the kids by name. My thrift store coups were a 1 liter thermos with carrying case for 99 cents (Now I can answer my afternoon coffee craving at work without spending a penny!) and a cast iron frying pan for $2.99!

When we were finally ready to hit the road, we were all starving. We stopped at the Hannaford down the road from the thrift store and got:

2 containers of hummus $8.98
2 packages large whole wheat tortillas $7.98 (I won't buy tortillas if they have hydrogenated oil or aren't whole wheat and this definitely jacks the price up. ALso its hard to comparison shop with hungry kids clamoring around you.)
1 six pack of bottled water $1.67
large container of salad from the salad bar $7.98

Riding in the passenger's seat, I assembled the feast. Take one tortilla, plop 1/6 of a container of hummus onto it. Fold the tortilla in half to spread the hummus. Open tortilla and place a handful of salad into the center. Fold the bottom of the tortilla in and then fold the sides in. Voila, 2 wraps each for 6 people for $25.52. Delicious and fun to eat.

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