Monday, February 26, 2007

Mom, These Are Nasty!

These are words every mother loves to hear. This past week I bought a small container of coconut almond fig rolls. It seemed like a safe bet since everyone liked the individual ingredients. One nibble from each member of the family revealed how wrong that assumption could be. Something about the texture was offensive and the taste was just a little odd. Clearly, this was something that had potential to dwell in my fridge until it had more hair than my lab mix. Yet I couldn't bear to throw it out.

I know sometimes you just have to throw things out but I'm always reluctant to do it. Sure, some things are just fowl and will taint whatever you tried to mix them into. These didn't have that quality though. The key seemed to be to make the pieces smaller and combine them with more flavorful ingredients. Not trusting my instincts completely, I bounced this idea off Tasha and she agreed this might work.

We ended up cutting them up into little pieces and substituting them along with some dried currants and crushed pecans into the scone recipe. The result was very nice and by that I mean, no one could tell that the nasty little coconut almond fig rolls were hiding in the scones.


Barbara said...


I just had to comment. Coconut, almond, fig. Three things I detest. All in one nice neat roll! ;)

I love reading your blog, you know. You are such a source of inspiration and ideas. Thanks.


Katie said...


It was awfully nice of them to put the three things you detest into one convenient little roll! You gave me such a laugh!

Thanks so much for reading.

Anonymous said...

wow im pose to barbara i love the 3 ingredients lol!