Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

I'm starting to yearn for summer. Its not about the weather, although NY has been seeing a great deal of snow in the last two weeks. I'm aching more for the simplicity of my summertime lifestyle. Its a lifestyle that doesn't revolve around deadlines and have-tos. There are no phone calls that will drag me into work when I already have plans. There are no snow days that cause me to struggle with what to do with the kids when I have to go to work. The list goes on and on but it essentially boils down to simplicity.

About this time every year I start planning for the summer. Its essential to have a plan, because my income drops dramatically in June and I don't work at all during the summer. We've developed many strategies over the years to avoid feeling pinched. Joining a CSA has been a big part of that. This year, we've joined a CSA that's closer to the Adirondacks so the kids and I will be doing the food pick up each Wednesday. Since we pay in advance for our CSA shares, its just one more expense that we don't have to worry about in the leaner summer months.

We've also been adding edible landscaping to our summer get away. My goal is to add one new plant each year. We started with the ill fated currants, which are now thriving at our year round home. Last year we added the blueberries, a strawberry patch and an herb garden. This year I'm looking to add lignonberries which also thrive in acidic soil and partial shade. I have to make the deicision very soon. I've also got to decide if I'm going to grow potatoes in barrels again very soon.

The girls have begun their own version of planning for the summer. Tasha begins lifeguard training next week in the hopes of working as a lifeguard this summer. Leenie has put together a very grown up sounding letter of interest which she's sent in hopes of working as a camp counselor this summer.

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