Thursday, April 19, 2007

Baked Seitan, Can It Be??***UPDATE***

I read about this on Vivacious Vegan's blog, I've seen it on the PPK Forum and I've read it on Get Sconed. I have to try this recipe! I'm so intrigued by the possibilities.

I'm trying to put together Jim's bachelor dinners for the summer for nights when he's home alone. I did not do a good job on this last year. In fact, I did a terrible job on it. This year I'm off to a much better start. I've got an inventory sheet taped inside one of my kitchen cabinets and every time I add something to the freezer for him, I wrote it on the list. To make his world easier, he's not the world's most accomplished cook, I put what it is and prep instructions right on the container (ie black beans with barley and veggies, just heat and serve). I haven't calculated how many I need yet but I know I'm no where near having enough.

Now I'm off to try that seitan.

"Tofurkey!" my 6 yr old son shouted after taking a bite of my first attempt at baked seitan.

Jim said, "If I didn't see you cut it, I'd swear it was those veggie slices we sometimes buy."

The girls and my 7 yr old son couldn't really comment, their mouths were too full. Everyone took it for lunch today and there isn't a crumb left. Fortunately, this is a super simple recipe that takes very little time to put together. And yes, I did wash the aluminum foil that I cooked it in so I can use it again next time!


Barbara said...

I made it the other day and posted a picture on my blog. It's interesting. I'm going to fry a little bit for lunch and make a gravy from VWAV.


Anonymous said...

ialso made it, like barbara say is interesting!

KleoPatra said...

Do post on it!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Did you post the recipe for the tofurky? I would really love to try it!

Katie said...

If you click on the link to the PPK Forum you'll find the baked seitan recipe that I used. To make it taste like Tofurkey I just sliced it and served it with some Tofurkey gravy that I had in the freezer. The texture mimics Tofurkey almost perfectly. It was super simple.