Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Katie's Oriental Cilantro Slaw Recipe

Well we've made it through the big Nor'easter with nary a scratch, although there was a mysterious small leak from the central air vent in my bedroom that Jim needs to investigate. When you consider that just down the road people had to be evacuated from their homes, I'm thinking my small leak doesn't even count. We are fortunate that our house is set up on a hill and in no danger of flooding from the creek behind us. The waters did rise high enough to completely cover our swing set though. They've begun to recede but its still an awesome sight.

I got a request for the Oriental Cilantro Slaw recipe that I mentioned last week. This is my version of the recipe Lorna Sass has in The Complete Vegetarian Kitchen. The changes I've made take into account the ingredients that I commonly have on hand. As a rule, I also tend to increase the amount of veggies in any given recipe. You might want to keep that in mind if you like a saucier product.

Katie's Oriental Cilantro Slaw
Whisk together the following ingredients in a large mising bowl:
2-3 Tbs natural peanut butter, preferably chunky style, although smooth will work
4 Tbs apple cider vinegar
3 Tbs tamari
1 Tbs water
1 cup minced fresh cilantro or 3-4 Tbs dried cilantro. You may want to use more if you're a cilantro junkie like me.

Set this mixture aside and shred the following:
1 head of cabbage
4-6 carrots, depending on their size and your tastes
You could also add any other shredded vegetables that you like.

Add the shredded vegetables to the sauce mixture and toss to coat. I like to let this sit in the fridge a while to let the cabbage wilt a bit and the tastes to blend.

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Krista said...

Thanks for the recipe. We made it and loved it. It will be added to our recipe file for sure!