Thursday, May 10, 2007

Vacation All I Ever Wanted, Vacation Had to Get Away

That GoGo's song is just banging around in my head. I am so ready for life to simplify and summer to begin. Unfortunately, before summer can come, I've got a ton to get done around here. My preparation this year has been a series of false starts complicated by the responisbilities of daily life and my job. Thankfully my summer manager returns June 5th which will cut my hours and responsibilities way down until I actually hit the road three weeks later.

But right now I've got to get it in gear. I've been vigilant about setting aside meals for Jim for his summer bachelor meals. So far he's got ten dinners and twenty pumpkin muffins. I'm really pleased with this. Other things are not going so smoothly.

I am perpetually behind on laundry and my bedroom has become the dumping ground of all the "homeless" items in our house. (Where does the vacuum cleaner and carpet steamer belong??) I'm also way behind in my outdoor flower bed gardening. I've got to get them weeded really soon.

Jim's got a big list of things he wants to get done as well. There's stuff to be brought to the Adirondacks taking up space in the garage. The list goes on and on.

Today, I'm off but we've invited my mother over for an early Mother's Day dinner and I've got to go see Rob in his school play at 10. I'm hoping to make a big dent but I'm trying to remind myself that little steps make a big impact. For example, I made a big run to the clothing donation bins on my way home from work the other day, which helped, but its looking like I'll need to do another very soon. I packed two big bags of outgrown boys clothes to my coworker who's son is a few years younger than Kyle.

Cooking today will have to be long on stove time short on prep time. I'll share my menu tomorrow.

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