Monday, May 14, 2007

Wants, Needs, Haves

This is the time of year when you finally take the heavy quilts off the beds and put a lighter bedspread on. The boys have the denim quilts that I made for them. Jim and I put on a thin bedspread that was given to us by a friend around 1994. Its just enough for those cool spring nights. Its also a bit tattered and smaller than our bed (its a full size, the bed is a queen.)

Enter yesterday's sale fliers where summer weight quilts and shams are on sale in a myriad of stores for $19.99 all sizes! I want it. Its already made. There's no work involved in it for me. Let's stop on the way to work today and get one before all the pretty queen size ones sell out.

After thinking about it for a few moments, I still wanted it but I knew I didn't need it. The set up we have right now is functional.

This got my wheels turning as I wondered what did I already have that I could use to make my own summer weight quilt? The answer is I have lots of denim squares, taking up lots of space. If I use what I have then I will not have spent a penny, I'll be cutting down on the overall cost of the quilt (I'm thinking environmental cost here ie trucking and possibly crummy labor conditions/wages for workers as well.)

Finally, I enjoy creating things which makes tackling some of these projects much easier.

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