Thursday, March 27, 2008

Frugal Eco Wierdness!

We're about half way through Blue Vinyl which Beth Terry from Fake Plastic Fish recommended. Like Chili, lately I'm just left wishing I was blissfully ignorant once again, but I'm not.

So here's my plan to stay sane amidst all the bad news. I'm going to keep being that wierd aunt that gives the nieces and nephews homemade presents. I'm going to keep giving new life to clothing by mending or making it into something else I need. I'm going to continue to learn more about old ways of doing things that I can incorporate into making my daily life more green. I'm going to buy used whenever possible. I guess I'm just going to continue to be me with the hope that people will see what I do, take notice and make some changes as well.

We can make differences. When we first spoke about adopting all those years ago, we didn't really know anyone who had adopted. 12 years later (10 years after our first adoption) we know many people who have adopted. Many of those people approached us over the years, long before they began the process, with questions about our experiences. At this point, right off the top of my head, we know 4 families who have been collectively adopted more than 10 children after picking our brains about our experiences.

We are ambassadors of our beliefs and values, so wear your frugal-eco-wierdness proudly so the more cautious can pick us out in a crowd and learn more!


Chile said...

Hats off to weirdness! (Well, unless it's really cold and then you better keep it on so you can keep the thermostat turned down. *grin*)

A few weeks after I started blogging last year, friends at the CSA commented that I was opening up more and sharing what I believed. Before then, I had kept pretty quiet about my beliefs and views.

Now they probably wish I'd shut up. Keep setting an example, Katie!

Ruthie said...

Katie ~

You've inspired me, too. Over time I've begun speaking more about what I believe... but it's hard at first to be the odd duck!


Anonymous said...

Its so funny that you consider that to be wierd. Just so you know, the presents i get from you guys mean so much more than anything i get thats just bought. I miss you guys so much and its so nice to have functional items all over the house that remind me of you every time i use them. I don't get to talk to you very much, so I don't think I've ever really said that before...

Katie said...

Thanks Dottie, its really nice to hear that you like the things we make for you. We all miss you!