Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tell The Easter Bunny to Go Home!

Who decided Easter should come so early this year? It's always been a low key event at our house with mostly edible gifts and small ones at that. I'm not worried about my kids, a little organic, free trade chocolate and they'll be tickled.

That's the funny thing about your kids getting older. In many ways, the holidays are less work now. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, even the tooth fairy have been outgorwn in our house. My kids, even the boys, somehow recognize that the torch is being passed on to the littler ones. I think I'll savour this moment.

But, now that I have a niece and two nephews (the cutest ones in the world I might add) I want to do something for them. It has to be something small and useful if at all possible. Hmmm...

I'm leaning toward knitting a Bunny Bath Mitt but if I have time I might also make a Curly Purly Easter Egg. (Ok, the egg isn't useful but you could use it like a ball.) I have plenty of yarn for both of these projects and since this weekend is back to back swim meets for Rob, I have plenty of time to get started on them.

What are your Easter giving plans?

I'm still working on that two week meal plan. I'm aiming for a plan that will work around whatever ingredients I have on hand and that makes it a little more challenging. It doesn't help that I seem to use tomatoes in every other dish. Once I get it more finalized, I'll share it.


Taradactyl in a Modern World said...

Martha Stewart has instructions on her site on how to turn two old knit gloves into a stuffed bunny. It looks so cute!

Anonymous said...

Katie ~

I really like that curly purly site!

We don't really celebrate Easter.

Good luck with your 2 week meal plan. What I did was I sat down with Russell and scribbled down our favorite meals/what we normally get if we go out. Everything consisted of a starch and a carbohydrate. Veggies and condiments are seasonal.