Monday, March 03, 2008


Jim really liked the home made yogurt so I made another batch. I had run out of vanilla soymilk so I tried using plain. Interestingly, although it became yogurt, it didn't make as firm a yogurt as the vanilla did. Or maybe a better way to look at it is there seemed to be more whey created in the plain batch. This is fine with me. I've used the whey in pancakes and biscuits with great results.

I did everything the same, even using Silk yogurt as the starter, rather than using my yogurt. I wonder if the higher sugar content of the vanilla might be responsible for the difference. Either way, the results tasted good. We're currently enjoying the yogurt with dried currants or dried blueberries thrown in. The simplicity of making yogurt is amazing. I'm really enjoying this process.

Speaking of simple living, I just finished reading See You in 100 Years by Logan Ward. Thanks to Annmarie for suggesting it. I think what I take away from books like this and shows like Frontier House is the desire to live more simply not necessarily by replicating the past. Instead, by taking the best pieces of the past and the progress made in the intervening years I want to create the most frugal, fun and eco friendly future I possibly can.

For example, I love baking bread but using a bread bucket, which is non-electric but didn't have its unvieling until the 1904 World's Fair, is a lot easier than hand kneading.

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Ruthie said...

Katie ~

I so agree. I love using ideas from the past (using up scraps and leftovers, cooking fro scratch, using less processed and packaged goods) with ideas from now: blogging with like minded folk, solar panels or windmills providing electricity to heat our water and cool our home, using a computer to find recipes, organize a budget, write to loved ones.

I can't imagine being "off the grid" but I do like a lot of their ideas! I think the older I get I realize that you don't have to throw yourself into something one hundred percent to benefit from it. Learning and gleaning as much information as possible to apply to your life is a much better way to go. :-)