Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Gardening Gripes

The garden, source of inspiration and aggravation all at once. Longtime readers will recall the currant bush snafu.

As it turns out, the law making my currants illegal in the Adirondacks was changed back in 2003 although no one seemed to know about it, not even the good folks at Cornell Cooperative Extension in Warren County who are reputed to be the be all end all on answers to questions such as these. Here's a link that outlines the new law which now considers only my white currants outlaws.

Since the currants were thriving in the acid soil and partial shade of the Adirondacks, we've decided to move them back, except the white ones of course. I don't anticipate any problems with transplanting because these are such hardy, forgiving bushes.

However, there is one problem, I can't tell which bushes are which until they have fruit on them. It looks like they won't be moving until June! Not ideal but not impossible either.

This Saturday marks the last of our Winter Sun Farm pickups. I plan to check out the Seed Savers Exchange table that was there last month.

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