Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Pizza Night Vegan Style

Things don't always go as planned. Instead of mixing the pizza dough last night, Rob helped mix it this morning before getting on the bus. Fortunately, he's a early riser with endless energy and didn't mind one bit. The dough is rising in the bread bucket and pizza night is on!

I'll be making a batch of Spicy Vegetarian Sausages to go on top. I'm also planning to try a bean pizza topping recipe from The Greatest Little Bean Cookbook. I'm thinking about skipping faux cheese entirely on this batch. We'll see what the gentlemen think when they get home from school.

Also on today's agenda is planning food for our weekend at the swim meet. Aside from the food choiced being attrocious, even though its an ahtletic event, I can't bear the cost. Admission alone is going to run $6 per person, per day and then there's gas for the almost 2 hour ride. We can't bring food in but we can go out to the car to eat. Since there is plenty of down time at a swim meet, that's what we'll do.

Look for a rundown of our pizza and our swim meet food Monday. Now, I've got to get my knitting bag ready for the weekend. They'll be time to knit on the car ride down, during the meet and on the car ride back. Woohoo!

Happy Weekend to All!


Unknown said...

Sounds like a long fun weekend. I ave been trying to eat better and thanks to your blog and others I am slowly changing to a vegetarian. I feel better and look healthier.

I have a question about the sausage. I have a lentil soup recipe that uses regular Italian sausage how would the vegan sausage work in its place? Would it maintain its texture?


Justine said...

Who doesn't love pizza night? That's awesome you made your own cheese!

Katie said...

Hi Catherine,

That's great to hear! I've simmered the vegan Italian sausage in sauce and its held up beautifully. I'd imagine it would do the same in your lentil soup. Give it a try and let us know.

Anna said...

Hi Katie, I sometimes make homemade pizza and leave off the cheese altogether. When the veggies are fresh and plentiful, nobody seems to miss the cheese.