Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Traveling to Training By Train

I know tomorrow is Thanksgiving but I'm taking a very laid back approach to my cooking for it. This morning one of my yoga students asked if I was going grocery shopping today to get ready for Thanksgiving. I thought for a moment and answered that it depended on your perspective. Either I came home to a very clean fridge or a very empty fridge but either way a trip to the grocery store was inevitable.

It's likely that I'll do something with sietan and some kind of rice stuffing. In anticipation of this I bought some baby portabello mushrooms to put in the gravy. If you're in need of a gravy recipe, check out Chile's. If you're looking for more concrete Thanksgiving food inspiration check out Isa's blog post with links o' plenty.

I wanted to talk a bit about my decision to travel to Florida by train rather than air. First, and probably most obvious, I hate flying. Still, that alone isn't reason enough to sit on my behind for 25 hours. Cost was part of the reason but because flight prices did go down, other attendees flew in for about $25 more than my train ticket. Then again, there were other costs associated with flying like the car service to and from the airport (which in most cases was a little over an hour away) so although the ticket price was cheaper, the whole trip wasn't.

In the end, I chose to travel by train mainly because it's a more environmentally friendly way to travel. According to the US Department of Energy, train travel is 17% more efficient than domestic airline travel and 21% more efficient than auto travel on a per-passenger-mile basis (Transportation Energy Data Book, 2007, Table 2.13 and 2.14).

Ruthie wanted to know what I knitted on the ride. Here's a peek

You're looking at two almost completed scarves and a baby bib. If you're wondering why I didn't complete scarves, it's because I ran out of the yarn.


Ruthie said...

Knew it!

We've been wanting to travel by train for awhile. :) We travel by greyhound a lot!

Katie said...

It's a great environment to knit. I loved train travel! If you've already done the Greyhound thing, Amtrak will seem unbelievably spacious.