Wednesday, February 01, 2006

He Liked the Thermos Soup!

When I asked about the soup in his thermos, Jim said it was delicious. He's tell me if it wasn't, after 15 years of marriage, he's not shy. Now I just have to find some new wide mouth thermos containers. We've broken two recently and its beginning to put a kink in things.

Last night for our dinner I made a very simple pesto. Jim hates pesto, hence the reason for having it when he's working. Here's the recipe, its a takeoff on one that appeared in VegNews in May 2002

Place in a food processor:
two cloves of garlic
about a cup of basil leaves (I had frozen these at the end of the season)
about a cup of swiss chard (also from the freezer)
about a cup of walnuts
2 Tbs cider vinegar (lemon juice will work)
1 tsp seasoned salt

Blend the ingredients, adding water as needed to make it creamy. We served it over a pound of pasta and it was plenty for everyone.

Tonight's dinner is a bit of a mystery. I may let the kids pick another dish that Jim dislikes.


snowpeople said...

How do you properly freeze fresh herbs, like basil?

Katie said...

I just just popped them into the freezer in either plastic bags or containers. The flavor is maintained beautifully, as is the color, only the texture is lost.

A woman at our CSA told us to do it this way and its been great. The basil held up really nicely.