Thursday, February 16, 2006

Millet Loaf, Round 2

I'm delighted to report that the millet loaf worked much better as an ingredient than as a main course. I prepared it the way I described yesterday with two notable changes. First, I added chopped cilantro from the freezer. Second, I cooked these on a cookie sheet in the oven at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes, turning once after about 20 minutes. The result was a burger that was crispy on the outside but not dried out on the inside. We served them with ketchup and mustard, although salsa would have worked nicely too.

I've come to think of the proportions/ingredients from yesterday's post as a sort of universal veggie burger recipe. You add whatever is left unloved in your fridge to it and viola.

The leftover mashed winter squash reappeared as squash biscuits with last night's dinner. They work so well as a quick breakfast too.


rachel said...

Check wednesday's NY Times. there is an article on making veggie burgers. they provide recipes for bean-based, tofu-based and...i forget, another one. and give general proportions, and say that the ingredients are flexible. it's a pretty good article. i think you can read the articles free for a week, then they charge to look at them online.

Katie said...

Thanks Rachel, I just checked them out. You're absolutely right, they're free (although I'm not sure for how long). You just need to register to look at the NY Times. Here's the link for anyone else who's interested NY Times Veggie Burger Article. The recipes are on the left side and just need to be clicked on.

friscalating dusklight said...

I'm the other new person on the Saratoga Veg list. Hi!

Where do you find cheap ingredients like millet in the southern adirondack region? It's easy enough to find things like quinoa and whole grain rice in the new organic sections of hannaford and price chopper, but they are overpriced and geared towards the bourgeois crowd. Or do you do your shopping in Southern NY and bring it up here? We need a good co-op!


Katie said...

Hi Theresa,

I belong to a a food coop in Dutchess County and I do very limited grocery shopping in the Adirondacks. Although, if you're into Silk soymilk, the Price Rite up there carries the 64 oz for $2.49.

Bulk shopping makes a huge difference in the cost of things. You're right about Hannaford and Price Chopper, its great to have options but the cost adds up quickly. United Buying Clubs is the one I belong to. Here's the link food cooperative There is a club that's local to where you are (I don't want to advertise where you live.)