Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Its a Hectic Week

This week has started off with a bang. It seems like every minute is filled with one commitment or another. Weeks like this make it hard to keep a frugal focus. My personal goals for the day are humble. If I can get my son's hand traced and make the pattern for the mittens, I'll be thrilled. I'm hoping to squeeze in a laundry as well but that may be asking for the moon.

Dinner tonight will be Cuban Black Beans with rice. Its simple and everyone loves it. I'll serve it with the remaining 1/2 bag or tortilla chips and salsa. I'll probably make some vegetable soup to go with it because baby its cold in NY!

BTW, for the six of us one bag of torilla chips should last through 2 meals. How is this possible? Easy, only mom serves the chips and then she puts the bag back in the cabinet. The result, we get to enjoy the chips two days instead of one and no one gets excess calories that they don't really need.

Last night I combined a variety of leftovers, including red lentils, potato scramble, potato mushroom soup and some greens, to make a hearty, creamy, delcious soup. I served it with toasted Oatmeal bread and two different spreads hummus and this Green Olive Bruschetta recipe from an old issue of VegNews. I'll share that recipe tomorrow. The end result of last nights dinner is the fridge is now cleared of leftovers.


Harmonia said...

I commented more about the burgers...

Keep us informed about the mittens! :)

Yes, it is VERY COLD. We have 7 degrees with a wicked wind chill right now.

KaiVegan said...

I should do the same with the tortilla chips... and the animal cookies!
I mixed left-over chickpea soup with couscous salad last night and that was really good!

Katie said...

I'll check that out.

I do it with most of the snack foods otherwise my kids (and me too) will kick a bag of just about anything in a blink!

The chick pea soup with couscous salad sounds good. I love soup this time of year.