Sunday, February 05, 2006

More Food Coop Info & Thrift Store $5 Bag Sale

Amy asked about food cooperatives that service other areas, like central Arkansas. Although I answered her in the comments section, it occurs to me that others may be curious as well. I checked out my copy of the National Green Pages from Co-op America. There is quite a list in there but the one that services central Arkansas is Ozark Cooperative Warehouse. If others are curious, post a comment and I'll see what I can find for you.

We experimented this morning with lima bean based breakfast patties using a recipe from the Compassionate Cook. Overall they were quite bland but ketchup saved the day. I'm working on ways to spice them up a bit.

Yesterday I checked out the bag sale at the thrift store. Very pleasant people running the show. I spent $5 and came home with:
a sweater
5 ladies shirts
1 boys button shirt
1 boys pair of super cool pants (at least thats what the kids said)
1 mens shirt
1 pair of ice skates
1 bathrobe

All items were in mint condition, except the ice skates. They were covered in sticky goo which my daughter cleaned off. Once cleaned off they were in excellent shape. I think the secret to successful thrift store shopping is only select clothes that are in new or nearly new shape. Thanks to thrift store my family and I wear Levis, Gap, Aeropostal, LL Bean, American Eagle, and many others.


Jennifer C. said...

The food co-op here in Seattle is more of an upscale (read expensive) grocery store than a true cooperative. I've often wondered if there is an alternative. Because of your positive comments about the CSA I did some research and found one in my area which is a real bargain! Thanks!

Katie said...

That's too bad, ours is more of a buying club. I wonder if it might be worth dropping an email to the buying club I belong to. They might be able to point you in the right direction for one that services your area. Just a thought. I didn't see one listed in the Coop America's Green Pages for your area but United Northeast, the one I belong to, isn't in there either.

I'm so glad you found a CSA. I really can't say enough positive things about my experiences with the one we belong to.