Friday, February 17, 2006

I Can't Let the Jelly Go Bad

Last week I made strawberry apple jelly. Actually, I made about 3 cups of jelly and technically it would be a fruit spread rather than a jelly but you get the idea. Two days ago we ran out of peanut butter and I'm not buying any until our next food coop order goes in. I hate wasting food so I had to find a use for all that jelly.

I ended up using it in place of the applesauce in a recipe for Applesauce Cake. The only thing I really tinkered with was the spices. I checked out another recipe that used strawberries (but I didn't have the rest of the ingredients for) and discovered the only spice involved was cinnamon. Based on that info, I eliminated the cloves and nutmeg from the recipe. The cake was a big hit. Everyone was fighting to make sure they got some in their lunch today. Isn't it funny?

Tonight, I'm finally going to try out the Corningware-travel-keep-your-food-warm-thing (I can't remember what its called!) that my brother and sister in law got me for Christmas. I'm not sure what I'm cooking yet but the plan is to cook it here and eat it when we get there (the Adirondacks). I'm curious to see how well it retains the heat.

I won't be posting again until Monday evening. Have a great weekend everyone!


Harmonia said...

Hello! Sorry I haven't visited in a while - I am updating my links - swing my when you can.

Katie said...


I usually do check yours out but I'm a lurker usually. I'll have to be more vocal!