Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Accidental Raspberry Patch

I've always suspected that we had raspberry bushes in our backyard. Jim's always hacked the brambly mess down to the ground in the spring, so I've never been sure. This year Jim was a little slow and as a result we have a very large raspberry patch that is brimming with berries!

Since they obviously can grow with little or no attention, the only flaw is that raspberries can be very invasive and spread where ever they please. I'm told this can be limited by planting them in large bottomless containers. You dig a hole large enough to accomodate the bottomless container and then plant the raspberry bush in this. Once the dirt is filled in, all you would see is about an inch of the container peeking above the soil. I'm hoping to try this soon.

I freeze fresh picked raspberries, strawberries and blueberries as is, with no fancy preparation. I imagine, I'll do the same with the currants and gooseberries when the time comes.

Speaking of currants, despite all the transplanting, they have some berries and the berries are beginning to ripen! I didn't expect that to happen. I think its a testament to the wonders of vermicomposting!


AnnMarie said...

I'm a raspberry fan and can't recall ever seeing this tip before. Maybe it would work, but there are two types of raspberries. One I can't remember how it spreads, but the other I know for sure spreads when canes touch the ground and sprout. That kind would of course not be caught within the container's edges. I have a wonderful book at home, The Backyard Berry Book. I'd rec'd it to you with your currants as well. It covers from choosing to planting to harvesting to fighting pests for all sorts of berries and brambles (plus rhubarb and strawberries).

Of course, I think the larger the raspberry patch the better, anyway, as I don't think you can find a better fruit in the world!!!!!!!!

Maggie said...

I was reading your wormcomposting blog & it's comments, and I was wondering if I can ask a question? I really don't want to be insulting, so please don't be offended. Why do vegans not eat animal products? I don't mean the meat, I mean eggs, milk,etc..I am not being critical,I'm just curious. If you'd rather not discuss this, that's cool, I just don't know anyone I can ask.

Ruthie said...

I always tell people that cows and chicken kept for their milk and eggs are treated no less deplorably than those kept for their meat... they are usually killed in the end, or die an unnaturally premature death, so it always seemed to me that if you eat eggs and milk you're contributing to animal suffering and death just as you would if you ate meat. Does that make sense? I'm sorry... I know you didn't ask me... but I thought I'd put in my $0.02

Katie said...

I'll have to check that book out. I'm not sure which is the favorite around here, raspberries or strawberries. I think its just whatever is in season!

Hi Maggie,
Its a fair question and I'm not offended. I'm also sure you're not the only one wondering. Rather than answer it here, I'll answer it in today's post so more people have the opportunity to read my thoughts on it.

You're right, although I don't find that people always respond to that information. Honestly it wasn't what I responded to at first either. Check today's post for more.