Friday, June 30, 2006

All My Bags Are Packed, I'm Ready to Go...

Actually, they're not all packed, in fact, I'm way behind! There's a franticness (is that a word??) about life in our house right now as we try to tie up all the loose ends before heading to the Adirondacks for the summer. I suppose it didn't help that I spent a good portion of this week working extra hours because in September, in addition to teaching my regular fitness classes, I'll be managing the women's gym! The timing is perfect, my youngest will be in school full time come September and the job is only about 20 hours per week. Unfortunately, now wasn't the optimal time to get trained but we all have to compromise sometimes.

We're all looking forward to the way life slows down once we get there. I'm really looking forward to exploring the farmer's markets up there. I never really had an opportunity to do this last year. Jim's planned his own film festival to share with the girls this summer, with movies taken out from the library of course!

In the past this time of year has always made me vaguely uncomfortable. I've always felt a little guilty that we have this great little getaway while others don't. This time of year I'm forced to acknowledge it as we say goodbye to friends and coworkers. In fact the kids have all been instructed to downplay the house if they mention it to friends.

We say things like, its just a little cabin, its not on the lake, the property is tiny as if to say you shouldn't be jealous because its really very flawed. In reality, these things, while more or less true, don't matter to us at all.

This year has been different for me, I've felt much less guilt about our little getaway. I think its the realization that we worked for every penny that went into the house. Instead of taking expensive vacations or buying fancy cars or buying expensive grown toys, we bought a summer house. Its not that its a better decision, its just a better decision for us. I wish more people would realize that because I've come to the conclusion that jealousy is a wasted emotion.

So I'll be spending the rest of the morning, along with my kids, trying to cram things like bulk purchased whole wheat bread flour and dried beans into every nook and cranny of my 1999 minivan while still leaving room for people and dogs. Later today, once the kids are strategically positioned in the minivan to grab any of the container garden plants that try to roll away when I turn onto the entrance ramp of the highway, we'll hit the road.

Twelve hours from now, I expect that the car will be unpacked, the boys will be in bed, exhausted from bike riding and the girls will be making a batch of popcorn getting ready for Jim to arrive and get our movie started. It isn't glamorous but it makes us happy!


Maggie said...

posted by Katie "It isn't glamarous but it makes us happy!"
In a nutshell, this is my feeling about our life. Isn't it wonderful when you are at peace with your own choices? I agree, about jealousy beeing unneeded. Our goal should always be to be happy with our own life, not pining for someone else's. You must be doing something right! Have a great trip!

Rachael said...

Have a really good time!

Crystal said...

I used to always feel bad when my husband and I had things that others coveted. But the fact of the matter is that we worked hard, were frugal and we saved money when oftentimes the people who were jealous of us and the things we had squandered their money frivolously. I don't feel bad anymore. Most of them could have what we have if they had made different decisions about how to spend their money, how to use their resources, and if they really knew what was important to them and what made them happy. Enjoy your special retreat! You've earned it.

On a side note, I have been totally inspired by you. Usually, I'm not super creative when it comes to cooking. I'm not very talented and either make simple things or stick to recipes. However, this morning, as I was making oatmeal for breakfast, I thought about dinner and what leftovers I had in the refrigerator and asked myself what you would do. So here's what I came up with. I doubled the amount of oatmeal I was cooking. While I was waiting for it to cook, I shredded two carrots and an onion and I chopped a handful of walnuts. Tonight I took some leftover hummus from lunch yesterday and mixed it with the extra oatmeal (with ground flax) from breakfast along with the carrots, onion, and walnuts. Mixed in some breadcrumbs to dry it out a little along with fresh parsley & thyme and cumin & cayenne. Formed the mixture into small patties, Sauted it in a little olive oil and served with sliced avocado. It was healthy, delicious and it was entirely my own creation (the first of hopefully many to come!!!). I think this could easily be adapted to fit whatever leftovers I have in the fridge and I will start to think about making extra of items (beans, rice, etc.) to later mix into patties (or even a loaf if I dared to turn the oven on). Thanks Katie!

Katie said...

Thanks Maggie, Rachel and Crystal. Its great when people understand.

Crystal, it sounds like you're on your way! The first creation is always the hardest but once you start seeing the possibilities you get hooked. Congratulations!