Monday, June 26, 2006

Everybody Get Exercising!

I finally broke down and ordered a WalkyDog for Biscuit a few weeks ago. It arrived last week and has proven to be a wonderful investment. A big thanks to Audrey for the tip! A welll exercised dog is definitely a mellow, happy dog.

We're still working on mastering the communication piece of the puzzle. At 78 pounds, he needs to better understand that he cannot chase small woodland animals while attached to my bike. I need to better recognize that sometimes when he starts dragging me off the road its because he needs to pee. (A quick walk before biking really helps.) We'll get there, its only been a few days. Its great to see Biscuit run as fast as he can, which is much faster than I could ever hope to run!

Speaking of running, this is my last week of teaching aerobics until the beginning of September. I always find this a little scary. I normally teach about 8 hours of fitness classes a week. On one hand, I welcome the break but on the other hand, there's a fat chick inside of me just waiting to get out. Even though I'm very active all summer, its not the same level of intensity. I thought I'd drop dead teaching a senior citizens aerobics class after a summer of not teaching last September. This is where the running comes in.

My teenage daughters have asked me to start jogging with them over the summer. They are both awesome runners. I am not, but its a great way for us to motivate each other to stay in shape over the summer. Besides its too easy to cheat when you're using the bike by coasting whenever you get tired. If you're interested in jogging but don't know how to get started, check out How To Start Running Now - An 8 Week Training Program to Start Running

Running with the girls also ties into our plan to get an early start on our days this summer. The girls and I would all rather sleep until 10:00am but the boys would rather be up at 7:00am. This creates an icky morning ritual of trying to get the boys back to sleep that I don't want to repeat this summer. Therefore the jogging will begin at 6:30am and end at 7:00am. The added benefit to this is we'll stop screwing up Jim's internal clock when he comes up for his long weekends.

On a final fitness note, I'll be working on yoga this summer with Kyle. You wouldn't suspect it unless you knew what you're looking for clinically but my youngest son Kyle has mild cerebral palsy. Besides the physical and occupational therapy services he's gotten since he was a baby, I've also done yoga with him guided by a wonderful book Yoga for the Special Child by Sonia Sumar. Since he doesn't get PT or OT services over the summer, I believe it is extra important for me to devote this time to him.

If you're interested in other yoga resources for kids, check out Shana Banana Yoga. Both of my sons love to do yoga with this fun video and the songs she sings are infectious. Another tape my sons enjoy is Yoga Fitness For Kids Ages 3-6 with Leah Kalish .


Crystal said...

Hi Katie,

I found your blog over the weekend and read the entire thing!!! (Not something I've ever done before.) My husband and I are also frugal vegans. Your blog has given me some great ideas and helped put frugality back into the forefront of my mind. I especially enjoy your recipe and food info. When I saw your post on the WalkyDog, I knew I had to comment. I too use the WalkyDog and love it. One thing I would caution you about is to make sure you check your dog's paws. Especially in the summer (when the pavement is hot) or after a long ride, your dog's paws can sometimes become blistered or slightly red/raw. It's best to ride at night after the pavement has cooled. If his paws do get a little damage, you want to make sure you give your dog enought healing time before the next ride. Some people put salve on their dog's paws after a ride to help protect them. Also, I just read two books (checked out from the library of course) that have really helped me understand my dog and how to re-gain control (especially on walks). These books changed my life and I bet if you're willing to do what they say, they'll change yours as well. Walking your dog will be fun again! Check out The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell and The Dog Whisperer by Cesar Milan. - Crystal

Katie said...

Wow, the whole thing?! I'm glad it kept your interest.

Thanks for the tip about the dog's paws. I hadn't really thought about it before but it makes sense.

Its funny that you mention those two books. You're the second person who has, the first was the receptionist at the vet's office. I'm definitely checking to see if our library has them.