Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What Do I Do With This Food

The kids finally discovered the raspberry bushes yesterday. With all the rain we've been having, they hadn't really noticed it. The four of them went out while dinner was cooking and picked all the newly ripened berries. They were just giddy about it. We've been part of the CSA so long, I don't think it occured to them that we might grow some of the same things at home. We also got our first taste of ripe white currants yesterday.

I mixed the two berries together to make a batch of 8 Minute Jam since we were almost out. It turned out quite delicious. Another option is to freeze the berries as is to use later.

Yesterday was our pickup day at the CSA. I think the greatest challenge of a CSA versus a backyard garden is the storage. With a backyard garden you can harvest a little over several days. With the CSA, it all comes home in one giant batch. Dealing with it can be a bit overwhelming. Check out this post from last year to give you some ideas for dealing with the abundance.

Its raining again in NY. I fear I may never finish my rock project.

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