Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Applying Frugality

I work for a non-profit and I just took over as manager of our women's gym. The challenge is to promote the gym and increase membership with an advertising budget of zero. The frugal skills I use at home have been coming in handy at work these last few weeks. Here are a few examples:

Recycling: An event was planned but rained out leaving the gym with a huge amount of those Nike like backpacks stuffed with granola bars, water bottles and frisbees. They had the name of the event on them so they weren't really useful for future events. I brought a bunch over to the women's gym to use as giveaways when people sign up for our goal challenge program.

Stretching resources: We wanted to offer group cycling classes but there were only 10 cycles and they were at the main building. I reviewed class sign in sheets and discovered that the most cycles used at any one time was 6. As a result we were able to get 4 cycles at the women's gym and our program kicks off today!

Using What You Have on Hand: We got permission from the mall management to post fliers in the entranceway. I needed a flier and I needed it ASAP. I discovered a stash of old fliers that weren't worded the way I would have but would certainly get the job done. I got some breathing room and the fliers got out quickly.

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