Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Clean Up, Clean Up

The frantic pace of the first few days of school seems to be settling down a bit. I'm getting used to being back home and back at work too. I'm working a whopping 6 hours a week now and all of it is teaching classes (ie. exercise is built in to my job again!). I've been so busy the last few days I can't imagine how I fit in working all those hours last year. Everyone is happier with this arrangement, even the my teenage daughters. Wo'd have thought it?

Despite my new found time, my house still looks like 5 people just moved in. I guess we did and boy does it show. I made a start over the weekend by actively ecycling things we no longer need that have been taking up space but there's still more to do.

My only goals outside of the house today are to get dog and guinea pig food, our CSA pickup and go to my son's meet the teacher night. These can all be done in the evening and that leaves me the rest of the day to get organized. The piles are daunting but with some good music blasting (I'm opting for Steely Dan, I'll go through the entire catalog if necessary!) I should be able to get through.

For dinner tonight, I'll be clearing out the fridge of as many veggies as I can. I'm leaning toward Jerk Seitan with a variety of cooked greens and carrots.

I'm also on a quest for a healthy cookie for my sons' lunchbox. The quest only began this morning and I haven't so much as cracked a cookbook open but I welcome any suggestions you may have.


Anonymous said...

I really love these banana oat bundles.

Easy, quick, and stuff I generally have around.

Ruthie said...



I've never seen a healthier cookie. :-)

We also love all of JoAnne Stepaniak's cookies, she has a peanut butter cookie that only has three ingredients, it's super delicious.


PS Congrats on Tasha's new found frugal following for you guys... maybe I should take a class at the Academy of Cosmotology, LOL

Melanie Rimmer said...

There seems to be an oat theme developing here. I make oat cookies, and I use half the amount of sugar from the recipe. I find that will all cookies you can drastically reduce the amlount of sugar you put in the mixture, if you sugar the top. I put some sugar on a plate, then I dip the base of a glass in a bowl of water, dip it in the sugar and press it on top of the cookie. It leaves just enough sugar on the cookie surface to make it taste "sweet" when you eat it, but when you weight how much sugar goes on each cookie, it's a tiny amount. You can even do it with chocolate cookies - cocoa powder contains all kinds of antioxidants and good stuff, and if you sweeten the top of the cookie the dough itself doesn't need much sugar in it.

Katie said...

I can't wait to check these recipes out. Everyone's off tomorrow, except poor Jim so it may be the ideal time to give a few a try.

Ruthie, which of JoAnne Stepaniak's cookbooks is the peanut butter cookie recipe in?

Melanie, I totally agree with you. I made scones two nights ago. There was no sugar in the recipe at all. I sprinkled 1/2 tsp of cinnamon sugar on top of each of the scones (I mean the circle that breaks into the four individual scones). Everyone raved about these scones and how sweet and yummy they were. I had to laugh.

I think you are totally correct, surface sugar seems more important for a sweet taste than the total amount of sugar in the recipe.