Monday, September 24, 2007

Don't Be Such a Crabapple!

Jim picked a huge bag of crabapples at my mom's house last weekend. Yesterday we finally began the business of cooking them. I'll be making them into a spicy apple butter since that seems to be the best use of them from everything I've read. Unlike my usual apple butter, this one will probably require some sweetener.

Yesterday I was able to rehabilitate some overcooked pasta by using it in a frittata recipe. It wasn't the angel hair pasta the recipe called for, it was ziti but we cut into into little pieces and it worked wonderfully. The last of the overcooked pasta will find its way into the minestrone soup that I'm cooking in the slow cooker today. I'll stir it in just before serving to avoid it just disintegrating.

I'll also be making some baba ganoush to use up some of my excess cooked eggplant. Its one of those dishes I've always wanted to try but never did.

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Ruthie said...

Ah, I have been wondering what people are doing with all these crabapples they're picking around here. :-)

Good tip for the mushy pasta. This is my suggestion on how to avoid over cooking when you've got a million things going on. (From More With Less Cookbook) Bring water to rapid boil. Add pasta. Return to boil. Cover. Turn off heat. Pasta will cook to "Al Dente" by sitting in hot water.

Peace! Ruthie