Monday, September 10, 2007

My Favorite Crepe Recipe

My all time favorite crepe recipe comes from The Power of Your Plate by Dr. Neal D. Barnard. The recipe is actually called Eggless Omelets, although I find it more satisfying as a crepe.

Combine in a blender:
2 cups flour (I use whole wheat pastry)
1/3 cup nutritional yeast flakes (although I use powder and it works fine)
1/2 tsp baking powder
3 cups water
1 Tbs oil (I use olive oil)

Blend until smooth. The recipe says it can rest for up to 30 minutes or even overnight but I always use it right away and it works fine. Pour 1/4 cup onto a nonstick griddle (I use cast iron) over medium high heat (I cook it closer to medium but that may be a quirk of my stove).

Either tip the pan to spread out thinly or use the back of a spoon. Let cook until the edges begin to curl up. Flip and cook on the other side. Serve stuffed with whatever you like.

I made them this weekend and stuffed them with Chickpeas and Greens and Cajun Black Eyed Peas. Delicious!


Chile said...

Thanks for posting this, Katie. I'll give it a try! 'Course my favorite filling for crepes was always chocolate... :)

Ruthie said...

LOL I know this recipe well...

I was once terribly obsessed with it and had to have an eggless omelet with veggies every morning. That went on for about a week and I haven't made it since. Thanks for reminding me of it. :- )

P.S. I also like to use 1/2 chickpea flour in the batter because it makes it eggier, more like a *real* omelet.

I hope you're enjoying your time and keeping busy, I know I am!

Katie said...

Chocolate is always a good choice!

I am enjoying my time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for share!