Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More on Apple Butter

Courtney asked about my apple butter recipe. I confess that I draw my apple butter inspiration from Barbara.

I love Chile's idea of straining the liquid out of the cooked apples before pureeing to cut down on cooking time (energy use). She says the liquid tastes like apple juice. What a great treat that would be for any little ones helping in the kitchen when you make apple butter. Its so brilliantly simple! Thanks Chile!

I got a lot of beets canned yesterday and I've got the dirty fingernails and purple cuticles to prove it. I have four mutantly large beets, each weighs in at about a pound and a half, that I plan to cut into fries, bake a bit and freeze for another time. They are really delicious this way and kids like them because they look like French Fries. Go figure.


Chile said...

Hey, you're welcome, Katie. One reason I love reading blogs is for all the tips I learn from others. I've heard efficiency has its roots in laziness, but I think really we have to become efficient to get everything done!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the recipe! I am thrilled to try it in the crock-pot--I was actually going to try to adapt whatever recipe I found to work in the crock-pot, so this is perfect!