Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How About Another Date?

Last night I grated all the zucchini that accumulated in the last week. It was an amazing amount. I froze most of it (in preportioned containers for easy use later) the rest I made into zucchini bread. I still had some pureed dates, so I decided to use them in place of the sugar in the zucchini bread. Its spooky but true, they worked wonderfully! Again I did decrease the amount of liquid in the recipe and I added some flaxseed meal to absorb excess moisture.

When you consider the nutrion information for dates compared to white sugar you begin to see the logic of my little experiments.

Tonights the real test. I'm making a giant chocolate chip cookie for my daughter's birthday and I'm going to substitute dates for 1/2 of the sugar. Its just family but I'm betting no one will be able to tell.


Sally JPA said...

Ooh, I am so curious how the results are going to tastee!

Anonymous said...

I love dates! What kind of dates are you using when subbing for sugar?