Saturday, August 20, 2005

The $3.00 bag Sale

Our local church thrift store was having a $3.00/bag sale on clothing this week. I almost skipped it. The store is tiny, crowded and tends to be pricier than the Salvation Army thrift store I favor. Its also not as nicely organized.

When my husband had to make an emergency run to the hardware store for wood putty, I hopped in the car on a whim and asked him to drop me off at the thrift store which was on the way. Five minutes after he pulled away I was in bargain heaven!

When he came to pick me up 25 minutes later, I was filling my second bag. I pushed him in the direction of the mens clothing and urged him to look quick as we only had five minutes left before closing. It was like that crazy shopping show where you had a limited time to fill the shopping cart with the groceries.

When we left the store with our two bulging bags (hey, she said we could stuff them) we felt we had gotten our $6.00 worth. Here's a peek at what we brought home:

9 pairs of jeans in beautiful condition (brands included Gap, LEI, Levis, Lee)
9 shirts in like new condition (brands included Old Navy, Gap)
1 pair of like new hiking boots
1 skirt
1 bathing suit cover up

The moral of the story? I will not be a thrift store snob and I will keep my eye out for the next $3.00/bag sale (which will be at the end of the winter.)

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