Thursday, August 18, 2005

Finding the Discount Grocery Store

It pays to listen to your elders! Just yesterday I met up with an older neighbor at the library. She gave me a heads up on two discount grocery stores in our area and suggested I give them a try. I didn't know about either one of them. Since they were across the street from each other and less than a mile from the store I had intended to go to, I decided to check them out.

My first stop was Sav A Lot, Bananas were $.29/pound, a gallon of white vinegar was $.99, toilet paper $.49/1000 sheet roll. (Bananas are the one fruit I compromise on and buy non-organic sometimes.) There were some other good prices but all on stuff I don't buy. I do remember a time when I would have been tempted by the cheap cereal.

My next stop was Price Rite, I couldn't find a website when I did a google search. I'd check the phone book if I were you because they had half gallons of Silk for $2.49! That made the trip worthwhile!

Both these stores, as well as Aldi's charge for bags. All have box bottoms that you can use for free stacked in front of the store. I just throw my canvas bags in the car and transfer from shopping cart into them.


Katie said...

I think the spam monster may have just visited me. Just to make sure it doesn't happen again, I've added word verification to the comment section.

Audrey said...

I thought you did not serve spam??!! I am outraged and confused. Although intrigued by investing in timber.. I went to a discount grocery store once and the prices were good. My only concern was where did their food come from? I can handle toothpaste from some swamp country somewhere but I am not so sure about food.

Sunflower said...


My husband and I had the same questions when we first went to Save A Lot. We don't buy certain items there (unfortunately like bananas) because they come from companies we don't agree with (Chiquita or Dole), but this not unique to Save A Lot and we avoid these brands everywhere. Suprisingly, most of the stuff at Save A Lot is a good deal not because of sneaky corporations but because of how they purchase only in certain sizes and certain types of food. For example, they only carry one size and one brand of cornmeal, which they have found to be the most commonly purchased size and type desired by customers, they buy in bulk by the least expensive supplier they can find. This way they don't have the over head of a store which sells multiple brands and sizes. They have some interesting information about this on their website, and we investigated it before adding it to our monthly grocery stop. Now we regularly buy our oatmeal, cornmeal, raisins, prunes, white flour, and frozen veggies from there. The quality is fine by us, no lower than the more expensive stuff we buy at the grocery store, and since these are foods we use a lot, we save a bundle over all. In fact, the grains and dried fruit we buy at Save A Lot are incredibly cheaper than we could get them in 50 lb bags from our Health Food Store. Go figure. :)

Anonymous said...

This should help with finding the Discount and Salvage Grocery Stores. I have a Directory of them at

Unknown said...

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