Monday, August 08, 2005

Favorite Frugal Pastimes

My boss called the other day. She wanted to know if I wanted to come back to work before the summer was over. She asked what I did to keep busy. I sounded like an idiot when I tried to explain the simple things that we were doing to amuse ourselves. Perhaps my responses will be more relevant to you.

We go outside and enjoy the mountain air. We ride bikes, scooters and other wheeled things. We play basketball (not well) in my sons' Fisher Price grow to Pro basketball hoop. (You don't know what goofy looks like until you've seen adults play with a Fisher Price hoop.) We walk to the library for story time and to borrow books and movies. We walk to the beach and stay for hours. We walk to the free Tuesday night concert in the park-so far we've enjoyed concert band, oldies, and barbershop. We've borrowed kayaks and pedal boats to enjoy the lake even more.

What about rainy days, everyone wants to know about that. How does a family of six stay in a small space without getting under each other's skin? We keep busy with books, puzzles, games, an awesome 8 in 1 game table that has pool and air hockey (a gift of course!) movies, crafts, coloring and other very basic things. We don't have cable or video games here but no one misses them. Sometimes we all work on some larger household project.

The kids all seem happy so I guess we're doing something right.


Judy386 said...

Sounds like fun to me! Growing up in the 70's my mom and I walked everywhere since my dad took the only car to work. I remember walking to the library, the park, to visit friends, etc.

Katie said...

Ah the 70's! We went for long stretches with only one car which my dad took to work as well. Until we moved to the sprawling suburbs in 76, I remember doing the same thing. I even walked to school. The whole neighborhood walked together, it was like a party.