Monday, August 22, 2005

My Neighbor & Her Surplus Zucchini

Everyday a neighbor down the street puts her surplus zucchini on a table by her mailbox with a sign that says free and bags to carry the load home. My kids have gotten in the habit of strolling by just before dinner time as they walk the dogs. By that time of day most people have already taken what they want so my kids pick up a bunch and leave a thank you note.

The extra produce has been great. Just the other day we used some of that zucchini to make zucchini bread. We sent some across the street to our elderly neighbor who watches our house whenever we're not around. The ultimate frugal thank you!

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Vegan Momma said...

That is a good neighbor! I give produce to my neigbors and coworkers. I love sharing! :-)