Sunday, August 07, 2005

Tomatillo Salsa

The tomatillo salsa recipe in The Ball Blue Book of Canning is so delicious! I had a great deal of company today and someone brought tortilla chips but no salsa. Since I had quite a few tomatillos from this weeks CSA pickup, I decided to make the salsa (without cooking it) to serve with the chips. It was quite a hit with everyone. I'll use the leftovers in tomorrows dinner, black beans and rice.

FYI, for anyone who is new to canning, it is imperative to follow the directions in a reputable canning recipe book to avoid illness/death. If I was planning to can this salsa I would have followed the directions to the letter. I often give recipes a try before canning, as I plan to do with those watermelon rind pickles.

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