Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not Gummi Bears, Gummy Squares!

In the grand vernacular of children, Gummi Bears are king. I think they're disgusting and loaded with artificial colors, flavors and often times, hydrogentated oils. I'm not planning on buying them for my kids anytime soon. How do you please the kids without compromising your principles and their health?

We came up with a creative solution to this parental dilemma quite by accident. This past month I bought unsweetened papaya spears from our food cooperative and they were a little chewier than the last time. This resulted in several children refusing to eat them. I tried making them more palatable by cutting them into smaller pieces. It worked like a charm and the gummy square was born!

The boys thought this was the coolest thing and they loved saying, "They're not Gummi Bears, they're Gummy Squares!" Robert especially loved that he could eat these during snack time which is limited to fruits or vegetables in his classroom.

Happy Valentine's Day to all. Its snowing, sleeting, freezing raining in the Hudson Valley and the whole family is home.


Ruthie said...

Katie --

What a cute idea! :) Your boys are precious. :)

It's snowing like crazy here, as well. Sigh! I miss Texas.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that the boys snack time is limited to fruits and veggies! Great idea with the papaya spears. Kids are sure finicky.

Anonymous said...

great idea of yours , like always you have great ones!

Katie said...

Thanks Ruthie. What an introduction to snowy winters you're having!

I love the limitations the boys' teachers have put on snack as well. You're right Crystal, kids are quirky little devils. I mean, I just changed the shape, not the taste!

Thanks Johanna!

scottishvegan said...

If you really wanted semi-healthy gummi bears you can get them here - I have tried them and they were okay, but I’m not really in to that sort of thing. One colour/flavour in particular was a bit strange, but I can’t remember which one now... I would definitely choose your "gummy squares" over them any time...what a good idea!!

Katie said...