Monday, March 06, 2006

You Know You're Frugal When...

the lady at the thrift store greets you and asks where the rest of your kids are. Jim and I thought it was pretty funny.

I can't believe its Monday already, the weekend just flew by. Even though we had snow last week, I'm beginning to feel a bit of spring in the air. If nothing else, I know we're closer to spring than to fall. I'm anxious to see how the currant bushes fared over the winter. I'd like to get the worm box out of my kitchen and back into the yard. I'd just like to be outside and not be bundled up like an Eskimo!

This weekend Jim got the new thermostat and rewired it, so everything is back to pre-power failure functioning. This is a huge relief. He's planning his next task, a repair of the flashing around the chimney. In some ways, I highly recommend hiring an incompetent contractor to do a job around your house. It can be highly motivating. The bottom line for Jim is,unless he knows its beyond him (plumbing repairs involving a blow torch) he does it himself now.

I got quinoa from out last food order and everyone seems to like it. I made a pilaf with it the other day that was quite good. On Friday, I met someone (a very well respected local doctor) who serves millet as a dessert. I'm hoping to try some of her ideas later this week. BTW, that same doctor saw no problem with my son's veggie diet. In fact, the word thriving was used to describe him.


Stephanie said...

I recently bought millet for the first time (to make babyfood). I would love to hear how it's used for dessert.

Ruthie said...


I just finished a giant green lentil loaf (yes, its delicious with green lentils too!) sandwich with katsup and pickles. We made the whole 9x13 loaf recipe this time and are chipping away at it. It's so good. Next time I think I'm going to replace some of the white potato with sweet potato and carrots, to mix it up! We love lentil+sweet potato combination.

I'll let you know about freezing it, as we might have to considering we're going up to Montana next week for Spring Break! I already have our frugal vegan gourmet travel menu planned a la hot pot. :-D

Have a good one!

HippieEarthMama said...

Katie........I had to laugh when I read about your worm garden!!

Hippies Unite!!! *smile*

We did that for about 6 months, my kids "made" it at an Earth Day Celebration, and it promptly came home with us along with our new room-mates! I wasn't too thrilled at all, could I say NO to being an enviromentalist?? Needless to say, We had a "Setting Free" party!! (I just couldn't handle it anymore!!))

Off to my favorite thrift store today! woohoo! Love those ladies!

Peace & Blessings!

Katie said...

She used the millet almost like the rice in rice pudding and topped it with fruit. I haven't tried it yet but I'm intrigued.

That's so cool that it works with green lentils too. Ketchup and pickles...mmm! I love the idea of using sweet potato and carrots. I really love sweet potatoes. I definitely have to try that.

Someone else gave freezing a try a few weeks ago and I believe it worked out well but let me know how it goes for you.

A few years ago, Jim had to be on the road fairly often for work. For days at a time he ate out of a hot pot. It saved a ton of money and his stomach as well. Have a great trip. You should post your menu on your blog. I'd love to see it.


I'm glad to see someone else has experienced being at their wits end from worms! We got invaded by strange flying creatures a few weeks back and since then my relationship with the worms has suffered. They need to go to their summer home soon (the outdoor worm bin).

Hope you found some treasures at the thrift store.