Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Navajo Fry Bread

The other night I made an interesting concoction. First, I made the Red Lentil Spread. I had planned to have sandwiches for dinner Thursday night but I wanted a "fun" bread to make them with. Naturally my inspiration for "fun" bread didn't occur until a half hour before dinner, which severly limited my options.

I perused the More With Less Cookbook and decided to try Navajo Fry Bread. This simple quick bread uses only flour (I used whole wheat flour bread flour), salt, baking powder, water and soy milk. You're supposed to divide the dough into balls, flatten it and fry it in several inches of hot oil. I cooked it on my cast iron griddle with just a light coating of oil and it came out great. The bread had the consistency of the bread they use in gyros. It was a really nice treat.

We topped the bread with the Red Lentil Spread, the leftover sprouts, shredded carrots and some home made Catalina French dressing. It was a big hit.

I put together an oatmeal pie crust but instead of baking it, I just browned in a cast iron frying pan. I topped this with apple butter that I heated up in the microwave. It made a delicious dessert.

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Rachael said...

thats a great idea, cooking the fry bread as a skillet bread instead. I love fry bread but way too much oil! I'll have to try that.