Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Its Almost Time to Hit the Road

For the moment, it's really quiet at my house. Rob's awake but everyone else is still snoozing. We headed back to the Hudson Valley late Sunday and spent Monday getting the last of our commitments out of the way, namely a trip to the dentist for all four kids and the car inspected. As a bonus, we also got to see my niece, nephew and sister-in-law one more time. It's so cute to see the boys getting put into line by a 2 1/2 yr old.

In about 15 minutes I'll be waking the rest of the house up and things will kick into high gear. I've found that a list is an absolute necessity for us to get anything accomplished and to make sure very little is forgotten. I use an old notebook because the bigger the list, the less likely I am to lose track of it. We keep the notebook on the counter with a pen stuck into the page we're using. Anyone can add to the list and this time the boys got into the act.

They discovered that they had forgotten their scooters, jump ropes and yoga mats among other things. Whenever they thought of something they had missed, they wrote it in the book. This was especially useful for my youngest who needs to practice his penmanship but hates doing it. He had no complaints about sounding out and writing down the things he was missing. I think we've found a great learning opportunity for him.

In other news, I just finished up the bib for Jim's coworker. Here's the cross stitch pattern that I used. I'll try to take a picture of it but the digital camera got dropped and it doesn't seem to focus anymore.

I've decided to take the two baskets of craft "stuff" (yarn, fabric and heaven knows what else) up with me. I find the various crafting projects very relaxing and since I'm not certain what my next project will be, I want to have lots of options.

Its time to get the party started. Rob's gone down to wake up his sisters and Kyle's begun to stir. Oatmeal all around, load everything from the list into the car and away we go. By popular demand, we're going with an 80's music theme for the ride up.

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