Friday, June 01, 2007

A Few Updates

I'm still adjusting to the decrease in work hours and the decreased pay that goes with it. Next week, I'll have even more time away from the gym. After mulling things over for a week and a half I still have no regrets. It feels like I'm being paroled. Things about the job that would have stressed me out, like our cash register getting stolen on Monday and the fact that our a/c is on the fritz, amuse me.

It feels good to be more hands on with the kids, especially with my son who's going through some pretty serious issues right now. Even though he's having more trouble, I feel better able to handle it. Besides, as bad as the behaviors are, they're pretty normal adoption related adjustment/self esteem issues. If we deal with them now, we'll laugh about them when he's older. (The thing about being an adoptive parent is, you get really calm about dealing with somewhat extreme behaviors. All kids test you but kids from fost/adopt situations have the ability to test you a little differently. After a while, nothing fazes you. You're going to have to do a lot more than bedwetting, hoarding, lying and stealing to freak me out.)

I'm delighted to report that our CSA pickups begin on Wednesday! This means no more weekly trips to the natural food store. Let the money saving begin. This is our first year with a new CSA in the Adirondacks. I'm so curious/excited to see how this CSA compares with our Hudson Valley CSA, which we will return to in the fall. Since 3 pickups fall in the weeks beforeI actually reside up there, I'm using the trips to take supplies up to the cabin. This Wednesday the fridge will go up with me. I hope my sister feels like taking a ride so I have someone to help me get it out of the minivan!

The fall will be a busy time for us because we'll have 2 shares from the Adirondack CSA that continue through the end of October, plus 3 shares from our Hudson Valley CSA which begins in Sept and ends in early November. I'm committed to canning this year. Its one of the frugal things that I lacked the time and energy to do this past fall. I really want to get through most of the winter with food that I've preserved myself.

This is a great time of year to hit the thrift stores. It seems everyone is cleaning out their houses and there are great finds to be found. Yesterday, I found a barely used Magefesa Super Rapid 2 Pressure Cooker for $4!! This was a great find considering I've still been using my pressure cooker with the cracked handle despite the obvious dangers. This time I really am tossing the one with the cracked handle. Today I'm off to the bakery outlet to load up on some bread for the summer. I'm hoping to have a freezer stash for times when its too hot to bake my own.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are more relaxed again!

You may be able order a new handle for your pressure cooker. I did that when I dropped the lid of my Presto. Unfortunately, they changed the design and it took several calls to get both the top and bottom handles replaced. Fortunately, I ended up with a spare top handle...which I just used this week after dropping the lid again and breaking the handle. LOL!

Inspired by your CSA tales, I purchased 1 share for 6 weeks from someone with vacation plans. This is in addition to our 1 1/2 shares already for just 2 (vegan) people. I will be busy canning and freezing the extra this summer!

Katie said...

I didn't know you could replace the handle, I'll have to check that out.