Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Night Shifts Make me Nuts

Day two of Jim's night shift and already I'm all out of whack and exhausted. That didn't take very long. As promised, Jim spent the morning power washing the house to get the chipped paint and dirt off. It seems you have to make a house look truly hideous before you can make it look nice again.

We've made some great strides in our larger (read "more expensive")home repair projects in the last two weeks. The new roof is done and, after a minor additional fix, its leak free. I swear, I was starting to think our leaky chimney was cursed. Speaking of leaky chimneys, the chimney repair at the cabin was completed today. After years of trying to resolve these two problems, its been a pleasure to see them finally done.

I've begun to pin together the potholders. It's actually a fairly easy task once you get a little momentum behind you. I really love seeing projects begin to take shape. I can't wait for school to let out. I think I'm more anxious than the kids!

Tomorrow, Leen's doing the cooking. My sister from Arizona arrives tonight and is coming over for dinner tomorrow. Since I'm heading upstate to drop off a fridge and get our CSA pickup, Leen's the kitchen magician. I'm glad to see she's finally getting a little creative in the kitchen. Up until very recently she was very much against learning to cook new things.

I went through last night and labeled all of my older posts that talk about our CSA experiences, including ones on how to store and use what you've picked up. You'll find these all under the CSA label.


Anonymous said...

Smart sister heading out of the desert heat right now!

As the veteran of home remodeling, I can confirm you have come to the correct conclusion: things always look awful before they begin to take shape. It takes perserverence and stamina to get through these projects. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

am all for the kids being out of school now too..me and my neighbour are giddy at the thought of enjoying our kids for the summer, apparently that seems to be weird in most circles..

Celina in canada

Katie said...

Thanks Chile!

Its true Celina, I know more than a few people who think we're daffy for wanting to be with out kids.