Monday, June 04, 2007


We got together yesterday with my parents and most of my siblings. Sometimes its hard to tell if its a family visit or a swap meet. My brother is looking for some exercise equipment that I have lying around, my sister is taking a different piece of fitness equipment that my mother no longer wants, my daughters are taking some of my youngest sisters clothing cast offs, my niece is getting a toddler basketball hoop that my sons have outgrown, my aunts gave me some extra tomato plants, my brother is giving us an a/c for the cabin and on and on it goes.

I like the comfortable way things have evolved. We've reached the point where no one is offended if you ask or offer something. Its undertstood that if you take something, you have the right to dispose of it at a later date as you see fit. This prevents crap piling up in your basement because you feel someone might get angry if you get rid of it.

Another plus is by mentioning things we are activley looking for, we extend our search area. My sibs and I all work and live in different areas and you'd be amazed what we can come up with as a result. I'm currently on a quest for a twin jogging stroller for my brother and sister-in-law.

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