Thursday, June 21, 2007

Packing & Cleaning

Its a flurry of packing and cleaning around here. The kids last day of school was yesterday. They brought home tons of paper for me to wade through. Today was largely spent visiting and entertaining as we wrap up our Hudson Valley commitments. Tomorrow will pass in a whirlwind of painting and packing that will crescendo into a very crowded car ride up to the Adirondacks sometime in the late evening. Its hard to believe summer is finally here!!

My list of stuff to bring is almost as long as Santa's. Even so, I'm sure to forget a few things. Poor Jim gets stuck bringing up a little bit more stuff each week when he comes up.

I got the thumbs up on the teacher presents I made from my sister-in-law who's an elementary school teacher. That really made me feel good.

I've much to do! I don't anticipate posting again until Monday or Tuesday

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KleoPatra said...

Potholders are something EVERYBODY needs. You made 'em yourself? i'm totally not able to do that, so please understand why i think that is so incredible... Keep up the good work... and enjoy summer!!