Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Crafting Down to the Wire

I'm practically too busy to post as we come right down to the wire. The whole family is in on the crafting at this point. Here's a peek at the headbands that I made.
Here's the box that I put them in. Can you believe how well they fit?
Here's another hat and mitten set. I think the pompom is the best part.

So what's the point of me showing all this stuff? I mean honestly, how does what I've made help you? I was wondering about this myself the last few days.

Ultimately, I hope to inspire you the way some of the blogs I read inspire me. Look at how many different mittens you can make with a variety of scrap yarn and the knowledge/mastery of one pattern. (Although mastery is a strong word when it comes to knitting thumbs. Perhaps general understanding would be more appropriate.) Same with the hats. Every hat I've made, with the exception of the beret, comes from one basic hat pattern that has variations in it for different sizes and styles.

The hat and mitten set that I'm working on now (the last one thankfully) uses three strands of fingering weight yarn knit at the same time to create a worsted weight product. I use what I have on hand and hope to inspire you to do the same.

Tasha was looking for ideas for her brothers when she thought of making bulletin boards for them. Would you believe I have a roll of cork? Someone was getting rid of it and it ended up in my basement. She was looking for a backing when I remembered some picture frames I had gotten from freecycle. She's using two of the 10" x 13" ones to create her bulletin boards. I can't wait to see how they turn out.

So let's all check in. How are we doing? Do you have any last minute ideas to share?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I CAN believe you had a roll of cork in your basement! If anyone would, it would be you :o) What a great gift idea!

All of my homemade gifts are food based...I am not very crafty, but I try!


Anonymous said...

I, too am knitting my fingers to the bone :) and am very inspired by the things you share on this blog. I have to say, your blog is my favorite.


Ruthie said...

I failed, everyone is getting IOU's for Christmas this year... but all their projects are on the needles at least, and I tried! They'll be happy anyway. :-)