Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Crafting Day 9

Here's a peek at the finished earflap hat and beret.

Here's the other side of the beret.

Here's the beginnings of three headbands. One of the funniest things about knitting is the reactions my teenagers have to my projects. At first there's often the shrug that says, "what are you knitting now??" Later when the projects are closer to looking like the final project that is replaced with the raised eyebrows that says, "that's cool, can you make me one too??" The headbands are no exception.

All of the crotch seams are sewn on the boxers. Next it's time for the leg seams. The leg seams are probably the biggest pain in the butt to sew, since the legs have to be even. I may just wait to start them until tomorrow since the two hour delay we had this morning is giving me a late start.

No new projects to discuss yet. I'm just going to focus on finishing up the current ones for the moment. Although, there are some "kit" ideas being tossed around but more on that tomorrow.


Barbara said...

Go Katie! You are a crafting machine! Makes me feel so lazy.


Chile said...

Ditto what Barbara said!

I feel like I've been so non-productive lately. The "work" I'm doing is on learning self-defense, stretching, getting back on the bike, and some cooking. Not really much to "show" for it like your cool knitted gifts.

Katie said...

Thanks Barbara & Chile!