Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Crafting Days 5, 6 & 7

I fixed the links for the beret patterns in my last post. I'm not sure how I messed those up in the first place but at least they work now.

I had a request for a hat with earflaps in shades of blue. It's almost done. I just need to finish the i-cord and add tassels at the ends.

While I was working on the i-cord it occurred to me that I hadn't a clue how to make the tassels for the ends of the cord. I shrugged it off and decided to search the internet after I blogged. Then it hit me, it is so much easier to be frugal now than it ever was before. Think about it, almost any information you could need on frugality is available with a simple google search. Do you need to learn how to fix something or make something or use something in place of something else? It's all out there for us. We don't even need to run to the library hoping the book with the information we need is checked in. It's right here on our computer. Now do a search on some aspect of frugality that you were curious about, right now!!

If you were wondering about making tassels to embellish your knitting try these sites.
Knitting About.Com

Here's a video
that shows you how to make pompoms and tassels.

Here's the beret that I'm making for Tasha

The boxer project continues...All side seams are now sewn, all the seams that were mistakenly sewn have been ripped out. It's time to sew the crotch seams together. Progress is slow but steady. The next project coming up on the horizon is some mittens for a little girl and a cloth checkerboard bag.

Tasha and Leenie gave a test drive to this recipe. It was quite good and they to use it as a gift for their friends. I think it would probably make a nice teacher gift as well.

Since Christmas is my holiday to entertain, food is on my mind as well. I made this fig cake recipe last night. It was easy to make, tasted good and I still have a lot of dried figs so it will probably be on my holiday menu.

How are your holiday preparations progressing?


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

Fig cake recipe looks great - I have a question though - could I use blackstrap molasses in it? I've bought some but am not sure what to do with it!


Katie said...

You sure can. I always use blackstrap molasses in recipes that call for molasses.

Anonymous said...
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