Monday, December 08, 2008

On Your Mark, Get Set, SEW!!

It's Monday morning 8:59am. The last of the children got on the bus 30 minutes ago and I'm making a plan for my day. Since we're planning a handmade holiday, I've got some major work to do. Right now the living room is spread with fabric and yarn as I get ready to shift into high gear. Thankfully, the coffee is already brewed and the fire is already burning.

I've already know that my first project is making 7 pairs of boxers for each of my sons. That project which started off so strong over the summer just got so derailed. It's become a pile of partially cut fabric that just mocks me at every turn and is punctuated by both of my sons' wondering aloud, "when will mommy make the boxers?"

It must end now! I must complete this project and get the fabric piles out of the living room. (I've heard chairs are for sitting on, but I've no proof of it. I thought they were fabric resting places!) I've got all day to get them cut and at least the side seams sewn. I can do it!

I've also been cross stitching some ornaments and cards like this one
There's some knitting going on too but right now I must focus on boxers!

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Anonymous said...

I was going to make quilts for both mommies and daddies, but now it's just the moms. And now they're only half done. And they're only lap quilts!

I also want to make some jammies for my son for when we visit my family. I have this super cool motorcycle fabric, motocross from the 70's, and my dad used to race in the 70's, so it's supposed to be a surprise.

I should have known I wouldn't get much sewing done the first year of my son's life...

Anonymous said...

I am doing a homemade Christmas for my family as well. Sock monkeys for the youngsters, tea towels for the grandmas, embroidered hankerchiefs for the grandpas. I have my work cut out for me.